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August 25, 2012

Steelhead fever!

It continues to be a great week for steelheading. We lost some monsters and we landed some very big fish to!
We had the pleasure of guiding our returning clients and new clients. And they all landed steelhead.
Mik from Denmark who is a a pro staff and employee of A.Jensen fly rods landed the biggest steelhead of this season, a 25 pound buck just a couple days from the ocean! Mik lost even a bigger fish then this one! Yes the big ones always get away. He was field testing some new rods that will be on the market next spring. And boy they where tested! There is no better place on earth or lab to test these rods then the Skeena river!

Now our season for summer run steelhead ends, and we are looking forward to the remote steelhead camp! This camp has a special place in my heart, just the beauty of the changing colours are worth it to be here.
Mik With the biggest one of the season that has been landed.
Returning client Dick with a nice Skeena steelhead.
Returning client Gert with a nice steelhead.
Mik field testing the new A. Jensen Anadrom double handed rod. Yep it works!
Fighting a nice fish on the 11 foot A. jensen switch rod.
A very strong chrome bullet landed on the A. Jensen 11 foot switch rod. Skeena approved!
Peer with a 38 inch chrome bullet.
When the clients are having a break i had the chance to make a view casts. The result was this nice 22 pound buck.

Hopefully the fall will be as spectacular as this summer has been!

1 comment:

  1. Hey, nice pics and beautiful chrome:)
    What grain weight do you fish on the #8 merlin switch?
    Greetz from Germany.